The Delta Delights: Sailing downstream the Tana Delta

Published: Travel News magazine: Dec 2019-Jan 2020

It’s a moonless night.

Above the Scorpion unfurls its tail across the delta’s width before the river crashes into the ocean. I’m enjoying a lone sail with the boatman along the mangrove-lined river with its dunes silhouetted against the night sky. Everything is elemental, pure and magical. As the stars sparkle above, the water is lit with phosphoresce.

This is heaven on earth.

A room at Delta Dunes. Copright Rupi Mangat. One time use only (800x600)
A room on the dunes at Delta Dunes. Copyright Rupi Mangat.

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Valentine Weekend

It’s here again! Stretch it into a weekend celebration dedicated to love

Above: Kitich Forest Camp Mathews Range- Dinner under the stars with a herd of elephants.

Published: 8 February 2020 Nation Saturday magazine

Stretch Friday 14 into a Valentine weekend and l’ve got some great places to safari to that are unique. So get your map out and start mapping your Valentine weekend.

Tip: You can fly to any destination in the country including Lake Turkana for the weekend.

The Little-Known Secrets

Mathews Range. Copyright Luca Borghesio
Island forests on Mathews Range in the drylands of northern Kenya. Copyright Luca Borghesio

Settle into the little known secrets in the far-flung mountains of the north like the Mathews Range or Mount Nyiro where crystal clear streams gush from ancient forests little touched by humans. Explore the forests and swim in the fresh pools from Kitich Camp in Mathews Range or Desert Rose on Mount Nyiro. There’s plenty of wildlife around and ancient plants like the cycad from the time of the dinosaur. Small and exclusive, you’ll love these little known havens.

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