Footballers at Lake Ol Bolossat

Published: 18 May 2019

I have little fingers running through my hair sitting by Lake Ol Bolossat in central Kenya. First it’s the girls returning from school who are surprised to see me standing in the field near their village. A smile and a ‘hi’ gets them closer. After a few minutes of checking me out, they open up with questions like ‘what is your name?’, ‘where are you from?’ They find it strange when l  reply l’m Kenyan. “But you are not black,” says one.

Korongo girls' fotball team at Lake Ol Bolossat Copyright Rupi Mangat Feb 2019 (800x450)
Korongo girls’ fotball team at Lake Ol Bolossat Copyright Rupi Mangat

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Wandering Through Kitale Nature Conservancy

Above: Kitale Nature Conservancy police. Copyright Maya Mangat

Published: 26 January 2019

It’s been an exciting night camping in Saiwa Swamp National Park sandwiched between Mount Elgon and the Cherangani Hills. After a filling breakfast at the roadside kiosk near the park, we’re off to Mount Elgon, Africa’s eighth highest peak. A sign near Kitale perks our interest – it’s Kitale Nature Conservancy.

kitale nature conservancy entrance. copyright maya mangat dec 2018 (800x450)
Kitale Nature Conservancy entrance. Copyright Maya Mangat

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