The eBird Global Big Day

By Rupi Mangat

Above: Grey crowned cranes in Lake Nakuru National Park. Copyright Rupi Mangat 

Published; The East African Nation media 23-29 May 2020

the big birding effort on May 9 2020

At the stroke of midnight on 9 May, more than 50,000 bird watchers from across the globe took to the outdoors for the next 24 hours to log in birds on their eBbird app, birds that were seen or just heard by them. An extraordinary turnout given that much of the world was under some form of lockdown!

Long-crested eagle at Lake Nakuru. Copyright Rupi Mangat (800x600)
Long-crested eagle (logo of Nature Kenya) at Lake Nakuru. Copyright Rupi Mangat

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Exploring Kenya’s Northern Scapes

Above: Campfire at Melako community conservancy – Marsabit county. courtesy NRT

Published: The East African Nation media 16-22 May 2020

After COVID-19, escape to Kenya’s northern-scape or even now if you’re not in Nairobi or Mombasa during

By Rupi Mangat

It is from the shoulder of god’s mountain that you get that first unforgettable view of the land below that stretches into infinity. It’s the plains and peaks of the northern frontiers of Kenya that is so alive with peoples, wildlife and cultures unique to this part of the world, adapted to the searing sun and resilient flora.

Until 20 years ago most of it was unknown to the outside world until the success of Lewa Conservancy that became one of the first black rhino sanctuaries during the infamous poaching era that saw the country’s rhino numbers crash from 20,000 black rhino in the 1970s to fewer than 300 by the 1980s.

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A Weekend Away on Lake Naivasha

By Rupi Mangat

Above: Maasai giraffe at Ecoscapes Conservancy Lake Naivasha

Published: Saturday Nation 4 April 2020

We’re in a land from the time of the dinosaurs. While there may or may not have been dinosaurs around Lake Naivasha, there’s a tiny wasp that has been around for some 60 million years ago when dinosaurs where going out of fashion.

Driving on Moi North tarmac road that circles part of the freshwater lake that is the highest of the rift lakes, the earth road that follows is a gorgeous grove of fig trees – Ficus wakefieldii to be precise because there are over 750 species of fig trees in the world. Each one of them has strong trunks with wide spread branches that look like a work of art in a natural gallery.

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Valentine Weekend

It’s here again! Stretch it into a weekend celebration dedicated to love

Above: Kitich Forest Camp Mathews Range- Dinner under the stars with a herd of elephants.

Published: 8 February 2020 Nation Saturday magazine

Stretch Friday 14 into a Valentine weekend and l’ve got some great places to safari to that are unique. So get your map out and start mapping your Valentine weekend.

Tip: You can fly to any destination in the country including Lake Turkana for the weekend.

The Little-Known Secrets

Mathews Range. Copyright Luca Borghesio
Island forests on Mathews Range in the drylands of northern Kenya. Copyright Luca Borghesio

Settle into the little known secrets in the far-flung mountains of the north like the Mathews Range or Mount Nyiro where crystal clear streams gush from ancient forests little touched by humans. Explore the forests and swim in the fresh pools from Kitich Camp in Mathews Range or Desert Rose on Mount Nyiro. There’s plenty of wildlife around and ancient plants like the cycad from the time of the dinosaur. Small and exclusive, you’ll love these little known havens.

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Why African Fish Eagle is under threat of extinction

By Rupi Mangat

Published: East African Nation 11 July 2011

Above: Shiv Kapila releasing African Fish Eagle. Copyright Shiv Kapila

The African fish eagle is one of Africa’s most charismatic raptors. Donned in a copper-coloured mantle with a clear white collar, its very presence commends respect. Its loud and distinctive call is unmistakable – once heard, always remembered – the call of Africa. Its hunting prowess is legendary – it can spot a fish from the highest tree and swoop with talons outstretched to scoop it out of the water. Many a wildlife film has been shot on this powerful hunt.

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