Wandering Through Kitale Nature Conservancy

Above: Kitale Nature Conservancy police. Copyright Maya Mangat

Published: 26 January 2019

It’s been an exciting night camping in Saiwa Swamp National Park sandwiched between Mount Elgon and the Cherangani Hills. After a filling breakfast at the roadside kiosk near the park, we’re off to Mount Elgon, Africa’s eighth highest peak. A sign near Kitale perks our interest – it’s Kitale Nature Conservancy.

kitale nature conservancy entrance. copyright maya mangat dec 2018 (800x450)
Kitale Nature Conservancy entrance. Copyright Maya Mangat

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The Sitatunga of Saiwa Swamp

Above: Sitatunga in Saiwa Swamp National Park. Copyright Maya Mangat

Published: 12 January 2019

It’s the last days of 2018 and we’re en route in search of things still not seen over the many years. Topping the list is the sitatunga of Saiwa Swamp past Kitale. The sitatunga is special for it is strange and rare, an antelope of the swamps and the only protected area to see it is at Saiwa Swamp National Park that measures a paltry 2.9 square kilometres. It takes pride of place as Kenya’s smallest national park.

bridge through saiwa swamp copyright maya mangat
Bridge across Saiwa Swamp. Copyright Maya Mangat

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